Our Passion - God's Kingdom

To see God's Kingdom come and people set free and transformed.

Our Vision - Maximum Impact

We will have maximum impact on our community as a true "House of Prayer."

Our Method - Kingdom-Teaching

We are a Kingdom-teaching church.

Our Emphases - Truth - Freedom - Transformation

Our Challenge - Eradicate Poverty

To live Kingdom principles so fully and effectively that we see the eradication of all forms of poverty in our community in 20 years.

Our Hope - God's Nature

Our vision for maximum impact is based on God's nature being love and His stated will for the salvation of the whole world. We are convinced that God is honored and pleased

as we set our sights on having Maximum Impact.

Our Venues - Purposeful Focus

  • Large Group Gatherings to evangelize seekers.
  • Mid-size Classes to edify believers.
  • Small Groups to equip followers.

Our Provision - Restful Work

Those who join Jesus in Kingdom work find rest and reward.

Our Discipleship Goal

To produce fully-devoted followers of Jesus Christ who embrace truth, enter freedom and experience transformation and then bring truth, freedom and transformation to a needy world.

Excerpts taken from Kingdom Come: Ministry Principles and Priorities by Pastor Doug Newton

We are Free Methodist

Our mission...to love God, love people and make disciples. Explore the Free Methodist Church USA website for more information about our

denomination and ministries.