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  • lisa barber

    early childhood and family ministries director

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  • Jenna Battleson

    Pastor of Global & Local Missions

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  • Beth Frueh


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  • greg groves

    education &

    youth pastor

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  • Christie Kessinger


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  • Gina Kester

    administrative assistant in finance

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  • Stephanie PAlmer

    Weekend Custodian

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  • Steve Pichaske

    Lead PAstor

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  • bob rinella

    young teens


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  • lAUREL shaw

    operations manager

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  • Heather summers

    nursery coordinator

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  • Paul Sunderland

    music ministries

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  • Rachel Tungate

    DIRECTOR of Congregational Care

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  • Eric Watterson



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Training and Documents for new Employees

  • Employee Application

    Print and fill this document out and return to the Church office along with a resume. 

  • Volunteer Application

    Print and fill this document out and return to your GFMC Staff Supervisor. 

  • Mandated Reporter--ALL volunteers and Employees

    Illinois requires all people who work with children/youth through age 18 to become a Mandated Reporter. As an employee or volunteer, you are required to take this training. Please print the certificate and turn it in to the church office when you have completed it within 2 weeks of being hired. 

  • Anti Harassment POWERPOINT

    Employee ONLY: Please read through this PPT and then read and complete the Greenville FMC Anti -Harassment document below. 

  • GREENVILLE FMC Anti-Harassment, BUllying and Complaint Policy

    Employee ONLY: Read through this policy, print and sign the last page. Return to the church office.